Creating a healthy performance management culture can be hard, but Lattice is here to help! If you want to set your team up for success, it will be important to get leadership buy-in and set clear expectations for employees.

Below is a success plan you can refer to!

First: Familiarize yourself with the platform

1. Complete the Getting Started Guide for Admins and the "Welcome to Lattice" course in Lattice University to learn all about the different tools in Lattice.

2. Determine which tools you want to start with!

Second: Plan your launch approach

There are many different approaches to launching Lattice to your company. Here are a couple of our favorites!

1. The “Phased” roll-out approach: This method is perfect for companies that are new to formalized Performance Management. Choose 2-3 of your favorite tools (think “What did I buy Lattice for?” or “What am I most excited by?”) and roll these out first. After your team is comfortable with those tools, slowly roll out the rest. Typically, each rollout phase one takes 1-2 months.

2. The “All out” roll-out approach: This method will work if your company is familiar with a formalized Performance Management system and already has processes for majority of the tools Lattice has to offer. By rolling out all tools at once, employees will be able to quickly get started and gain value from the full system.

Third: Set up your Lattice system

Fourth: Configure your Lattice Tools

Add company-specific tool content such as:

Lastly, invite your employees into the system!

For an example of an introduction email, check out this Help Center article here!

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