Creating an EIB Integration using sftp

  1. Create Custom Report in Workday and enable as Web Service (Advanced Tab)
  2. Add any sorting or filtering – (For Example, we excluded certain employee types from the report)
  1. Create Integration System User using the Create Integration System User task in Workday. Add this ISU to an existing integration system security group (ISSG) or create a new one.
  2. Using the Maintain Password Rules task, add this ISU account to the System Users exempt from password expiration list
  3. Update the relevant domain security policies giving the security group access to Get integration permissions
  4. Activate pending security policy changes
  5. Share the repot with authorized users including the ISSG/ISU

Using the Create EIB task, create the EIB (integration)

Choose name->Select Outbound

Under General Settings, enter an unique ID if you choose and description.

On the Get Data tab, choose custom report as the Data Source Type and then choose the Custom report you created.

On the Transform tab, choose New Custom Report Report Transformation. It will default the name to the name of the custom report + date transformation was created.

On the delivery tab, add the file name, type and document retention policy for the Workday attachment. Create a Sequence Generator for ilename (if desired) and restrict Workday attachment to specific environments.

Click OK/Done.

After EIB is created, you may need to update the transformation to name the fields according to agreed upon names with Lattice. The transformation can be configured by going to the Actions button from the integration system name, then Enterprise Interface-> Configure Transformation. If after creating the transformation, any updates to the fields in the custom report are made, the transformation will need to be deleted and created again.

Create Business Process Definition for Integration

Include a document delivery step if sending file via sftp

Click on Configure Document Delivery button to add the sftp information.

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