As an Admin, you're able to select peer reviewers for your employees and/or override any peer selections made by individuals or managers. This article walks through the steps you can take to override peer selections in the "Peer Selection" phase of a review cycle. To learn how to make edits to peer reviewers after the Peer Selection phase has been ended, please check out this help center article here!

Note: At this time, only Admins (or users with a custom reviews role) in Lattice are able to override peer selections.

Once peer selection has been launched, Admins can override the peer selections for each reviewee in that cycle. To do this, please follow the steps listed below:

Overriding Peer Selection

Step 1: Click into the review cycle, and then the "Peer selection" phase.

Step 2: Click the name of the employee you want to choose peers for. You'll then see a context panel pop up for that specific reviewee.

Step 3: Click "Override peer selections" in the context panel.

Step 4: Next, click the red "Override selections" button

Step 5: Type in those who you want to review the person. In the example below, the reviewee is Joseph Stone and we've chosen Andrea Gomez as an additional reviewer to review him. Once you have completed selecting peer reviewers click "Override and submit" to save your changes.

Note: As an Admin, you can also remove peers that managers have already approved by clicking the "Remove" button.

Note: If you get a "cannot add peer reviewer" notification from the system, this probably means that the person you have chosen as a peer is already reviewing the reviewee as a direct report or manager.

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