If your company is using the Lattice Slack App, you may receive the following notifications in Slack. Please note this can be configured in message center.


  • You have received feedback
  • Your direct report has received feedback
  • Your feedback has been shared
  • Your request for feedback has been sent
  • Someone has requested feedback about themselves or their direct report
  • You feedback request has been fulfilled


Reviewees and Managers

  • Peer selection has been launched (sent to peer review nominators)
  • Reminder to select peer reviewers (sent to peer review nominators)
  • Peer selections are ready for approval (sent to the manager of a reviewee selecting their own peer reviewers)
  • Reminder to approve peers (sent to the manager of a reviewee selecting their own peer reviewers)
  • Review cycle has been launched (sent to reviewers)
  • Manager review is unlocked (sent to manager reviewer)
  • Reminder to complete review feedback (sent to reviewers)
  • Added as a late reviewer notification (sent to reviewer)
  • Review packets are ready to be shared (sent the to reviewee's manager)
  • Review feedback has been shared (sent to reviewee)
  • Direct Report has confirmed getting their Review packet (sent to manager of reviewee)


The following notifications are sent to an admin if the review cycle is created on a timeline or if you are using review cycle automation.

  • Peer selection has started
  • Peer selection has ended
  • Automated Review cycle has been created
  • The review cycle has launched
  • The review cycle has ended

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