There are a number of instances when Lattice will send an email notification to help facilitate your 1:1 meetings.

Setup and Request Notifications

When someone has set up a 1:1 in Lattice the other participant will receive a message making them aware of the meeting and encouraging them to set talking points.  This same message will be sent to managers if one of their direct reports requests a 1:1 meeting with them.

Pre and Post Meeting Notifications

You will get an email before and after your 1:1:

  • 2 Hours before your 1:1 you will get an email reminding you to update the agenda
  • After the 1:1 you will get an email reminding you to cross off the complete items.

You will not receive a post 1:1 email if... 

  1. There were no agenda items/talking points added to the 1:1 meeting
  2. You open up the 1:1 modal and read over the recently completed meeting within 2 hours of the meeting beginning

The point of the post 1:1 email is to encourage the manager and direct report to review it - look at agenda items and mark off what was talked about, or maybe add follow up notes. 

If you go into the 1:1 right after the 1:1 happened, it would be redundant to notify the participants to do so again via email. 

New Comment Notifications

The final email notification trigger is for new comments.  We want all participants to be prepared for their meetings, so we let you know when new comments have been added to your talking points.

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