We want you to use Lattice in a way that best fits your company's culture and workflows.

If the managers in your company already hold weekly in-person 1:1s, Lattice's 1:1 agendas tool is great to use alongside that so that everyone is more prepared for the meeting. Writing agenda items is good so that all parties can prepare and have a more productive meeting. For managers who prefer a more open ended way to spark conversation, the 1:1s tool is great for that.

For managers that prefer a slightly different mode of communication with their direct reports, the Updates tool gives managers the capability to ask their direct reports a specific set of questions and then respond to those answers asynchronously. This is also good for managers who may want their direct reports to be asked the same set of structured questions each week. 

Which tool to use is up to you. You can even use both, agendas for the in person 1:1s and then Updates for weekly status reports. 

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