With scored attributes, companies can better customize the review process to evaluate their employees on the qualities that the company values the most (on a scale that makes the most sense to them).

Attributes that are commonly used include:

  • Leadership
  • Potential
  • Performance (pre-populated in Lattice)
  • Behavior (pre-populated in Lattice) 
  • Empathy
  • Engagement
  • Communication Skills
  • Overall (how an employee is doing "overall")
  • Find more samples here!

Creating scored attributes

Only admins have the ability to create attributes. To create one:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" panel located on the navigation bar

Step 2: Navigate to the "Reviews" tab on the left panel

Step 3: Under the "Reviews" tab, click on the "Scored Attributes" tab 

Step 4: Select "Create new attribute"

This will open up a modal where you can choose the name of the attribute, an optional description, and the scale that you want people to respond on. Lattice allows you to display attributes as number or text options. 

You can find more information about scored attribute display options here

Setting up a review cycle with scored attributes

Turning on Scored Attributes

When you're creating a review cycle, under "Scores" you'll find the option to turn on scored attributes. You can enable the setting by toggling the switch on. From here, you can assign up to 20 scored attributes that you want managers to evaluate their direct reports on at the end of this review cycle. 

Sharing Scored Attributes

If you would like the scores that managers give to employees to be included in the employee final review packets, turn on the toggle under "Scored Attributes" on the Deliverables section of your review cycle set up. 

If you choose to share scores, you now have the choice of which scored attributes to include in the employee review packets. Do note that managers will always be able to see all scores, this only lets you select what the recipient sees in their review packet.

Responding to scored attributes

The scoring takes place at the same time that the manager fills out their review template. The questions will appear at the bottom of the review template.

Only admins will be able to view the responses to the scored attributes, until the review cycle has been ended and packets have been shared.  

Visibility Settings

As a manager submitting scores, you will have visibility into if the scores are being shared with the employee or only with the admin.

Admin view of Scored Attributes

After the review cycle has ended, admins will be able to see the scores submitted for every reviewee in the "Final results" section of the Admin tab. 

From here, you can export the scores to a CSV:

For more on scored attributes reporting, check out this article

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