As an admin, you have access to your organization's 1:1s. This will give you an overview of how 1:1s are being used from the Admin panel. 

To get there, go to the administration section of Lattice and navigate to 1:1s from the left-hand side.


As your organization uses 1:1s, admins can get an overview of how engaged people are from the Audit tab.

The "All 1:1s" tab under the "Auditing" section lists every 1:1 that has occurred between a manager and their direct report within the organization. To see any notes or agenda items associated with the meeting, click the "View Notes" button. 

You're able to toggle by date range or search by individual as well.

As an admin, you're able to delete 1:1s in cases where managers or individuals request this on their behalf. Go to "All 1:1s>Search for the direct report or manager>Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side>click "delete agenda".

You're also able to export a CSV which will give you an export of whatever 1:1s are shown on the page.

The Individuals tab is where you can see the Frequency of the meetings, the date of the next meeting, and the participation rate. 

The participation rate shows how many meetings have agenda items and notes compared to the total amount of 1:1s that have been scheduled between direct report and manager. 

You can also see if 1:1s are active, previous active or if they're inactive for the employee. 

You can search by an employee or a manager's name, by department, by status, and/or by time range.

In the Individuals tab, you have the ability to see how many managers have 1:1s enabled for their direct reports. To do so select the manager you would like to view and select the status as "off" .

This is useful to look at when you're interested in seeing who out of your managers is having consistent meetings and check ins with their reports. Visibility into this kind of information can help as you have discussions with your leadership team about employee engagement. 

The Reporting tab is where you can see how managers in different departments are doing in regards to enabling 1:1 conversations with their direct reports.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or use the chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner of your page to reach out!

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