Emails will be sent to employees who own goals when:

  • There is a comment posted on one of their goals:
  • Someone likes an update made to a goal:
  • A goal co-owner posts an update on a goal that another individual also owns: 
  • Employees need to update a goal:

Note - this is based on the reminder cadence set by admins. 

Emails will be sent to the manager of the direct report who owns a goal when:

  • Their direct report updates one of their goals.

  • Goal Digest Email: A list of goal updates or newly created goals for a managers team. This is all seen in the Goals Digest email that goes out at a cadence that you choose.  For example, if you have the reminder email cadence set to 2x a quarter reminders, 2x a quarter, the week after the reminders go out, the digest will go out. You will only receive the digest email if there are updates that need to be communicated. 
  • As for Individual contributors, they will receive an email when Department or Company goals are updated. 
  • Managers will receive the email when Department or Company goals have been updated but also when their direct reports make updates to their goals 

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