Managers can now request feedback about their direct reports from other people around the company. This feedback is only visible to the manager. 

Manager View

To request feedback from someone in the company about your direct report, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the "You" page found on the top navigation bar
Step 2: Click on "Feedback" on the left-hand side
Step 3: From the drop-down, select "Request feedback from"

Step 4: Type in who you want to ask for feedback. You can choose up to 10 people.
Step 5: Type in which direct report you want to receive feedback about

Step 6: Click "Request private feedback"

Employee View

After you have requested feedback, the employee who you're asking for feedback from will receive a notification on their dashboard (as shown below):

When they click in, they will see what you are requesting they give feedback about, and they will be able to respond.

Done! This is private feedback so it's only privy to the manager who asks for feedback and the employee who the manager asks for feedback from. 

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