Lattice integrates with HRIS including BambooHR, Zenefits, Namely, Rippling and ADP. If you’re running into issues, you’ll want to check the following: 

  1. Make sure that you’re an Admin of both Lattice and your HRIS.
  2. Check that employees in your HRIS all have a “Pay Type” and an email address. 
  3. If you have integrated BambooHR, check the Import Log in Lattice. Learn more about how to access this here
  4. Once this is done, try re-syncing by going to Admin > Integration > Sync
  5. If a re-sync doesn’t work, you may want to re-configure your integration.
  6. To re-configure your integration, click “reset.”
  7. Make sure to pull in ALL Pay Types or just the Pay Type of the employees you want in Lattice. Ex. If you don’t want contract workers or part time workers to be users in Lattice, you would only pull in “Full Time,” if you do, make sure to check them as well. 
  8. Once you’ve tried all of the above, and your employees are still not being pulled into Lattice from your HRIS, you’ll want to reach out to us at [email protected]

Please note that all troubleshooting steps may not apply to all systems. However, the general steps are to ensure the correct pay types are pulling in and that the integration is resynced or reset.

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