When it's time to perform a review for your direct report, you'll see a task on your "You" Page notifying you to do so. 

Clicking into that task, you'll see the Review name at the top left, the Reviews you need to complete on the left hand panel, the selected review in the middle, and your context panel on the right (with any already filled out reviews by your direct report, their peers, or their direct reports).

If You Fill Out One Review and Want to Finish the Rest Later

If you fill out some of your reviews, but want to come back to finish the rest later, you'll be able to get to them by following these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Your Team" panel seen in the top navigation bar

Step 2: Under "Your direct report," select "Review Cycles"

Step 3: Select "Perform reviews" on the review cycle you would like to complete

If You Want to See Feedback Given to Direct Reports

Step 1: Navigate to the "Your Team" panel

Step 2: Click on "Review Cycles" next to "Direct Report"

Step 3: Locate the Direct Report you would like to see feedback given to, and select "View responses"

You'll be taken to their active review packet.

When the Review Cycle is closed, you'll be able to add your summary remarks and share the review with your direct report. 

Finalizing Packets

When it's time for you to finalize a packet, you'll receive a task notification on your "You" Page. 

Clicking "Finalize packets" will take you to the Review Cycle's Finalize Packet's page.  

Here, you will be able to see a list of reviewers and the status of their reviews for your direct report by selecting "Show Reviewees"

By clicking on "View Feedback," you will be able to view submitted feedback for your direct report and write any summarizing remarks.

Write your summarizing remarks and share the packet to finalize! 

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