When it's time to perform a review for your direct report, you will receive a task on your "You" Page notifying you to perform your review.

Clicking into that task, you will see all the reviews you need to complete on the left, the selected review in the middle, and your context panel on the right (with any already filled out reviews by your direct report, their peers, or their direct reports).

Accessing your Auto-saved Review

If you fill out some of your reviews, but want to come back to finish them later, you'll be able to access them by following these steps:

Step 1: Select "Perform Reviews" from your You Page

Step 2: You will be directed into your "You" tab in the review where you can finish writing your reviews

Accessing Feedback Given to Direct Reports

Step 1: Navigate to the "Your Team" panel in the top navigation bar

Step 2: Select "Reviews" on the left side and "Manage Team" for the correct review

Step 3: You will be ushered into the "Manage Your Team" page where you can view reviews of your direct reports and show their reviewers.

Step 4: Once you click on "View reviews" you will scroll down and see the reviews written for your direct report. You can then group by reviewer or question to access their written reviews.

Finalizing Packets

When it's time for you to finalize a review packet, you will receive a task notification on your "You" Page. 

Clicking "Finalize packets" will take you to the following page:

Here, you will be able to see all of the reviews for your direct report. Once everything looks good to you, you can share the review packet with your direct report or download it as a PDF.

Note: When you click "Share with Sara" your direct report will receive a task on their You page to "View Feedback". They will then be able to confirm receipt of the review packet and have access into their reviews!

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