After the admin ends the review cycle all managers will be sent an email that their direct report's review packet has been released to them. At this point, managers will be able to share the review packets with their direct reports.  

As an Admin you have visibility into the status of managers sharing review packets. To check the sharing status for each employee, navigate to the "Admin" panel using the top navigation bar and click on "Reviews" found on the left Administration panel. Once you have done this, click "Ended review cycles" and then "View Results." 

Here you will see each employee listed, their manager listed, and their sharing status.

There are 5 statuses and they are defined here:

1. Responses not shared: This means that the manager has taken no sharing action.

2. Preview shared: If you want to make sure that all reviews are shared, as an admin you have the ability to 'Share all reviews'. This will share the reviews with all direct reports who are in the status 'Responses not shared' and change them to 'Preview shared'.

The manager still has a task to write final summary remarks and officially share with the employee. 

3. Manager finalized: This means that the manager has shared the review packet with final remarks but the employee has not yet confirmed they have received it. 

4. Finalized and confirmed: This means that the direct report has acknowledged receipt of review packet. You're good to go! 

5. Admin finalized: This means that the admin has shared the review packet, but the employee has not confirmed that they have received it.

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