1. Peer Selection

Once the cycle is verified, you'll be prompted to kick off the peer selection phase with a notification. This notification will either be sent to managers or employees (depending on how you've chosen to do peer selection).

The notification is completely customizable. Below are a few examples of what employees and managers could see.

Employees (ICs) will see: 

Managers will see:

If you don't want to send this message, you have the option to launch peer selection "without notification." 

Administering Peer Selection goes through how the peer selection process works.

If you want to remind managers or employees to finish their peer selection, you can click "Remind incompletes."

The screenshots below show what these reminders look like!

"Remind incompletes" will send the above notification to anyone who hasn't selected peers. If they have selected peers, a message will go to their managers prompting them to approve those selections, as shown below.

As an Admin, you will be notified when peers have been selected and confirmed, and the review is ready to be kicked off.

Once everyone has selected these peers, you're ready to end the Peer Selection phase. Click into the review cycle and click the red button "end peer selection." 

2. Perform Reviews

Once you end the peer selection process, you will not be automatically launched into the review. You will be taken to a page where you get to choose to send a kick-off notification through Lattice.

If you send this notification, everyone completing a review will receive a message prompting them to do their reviews.


After this kickoff notification is either sent or skipped, everyone who needs to complete a review will see a task notification on their You page prompting them to fill out their reviews. 

They'll click in and see a page that looks like this:

As employees submit their reviews, you might want to remind employees who have not yet completed their reviews to take time to do so. To send them a reminder notification, click into the Reviewers tab, and then "Remind incompletes." 

You can then customize a reminder notification that's sent to each reviewer!

You also may have forgotten someone as a reviewer and want to add them into the review mid cycle. This article explains how that is done. The employee will also receive a notification letting them know they've been added as a late reviewer. 

When everyone has written their reviews, click the blue "End review cycle" button to move the cycle to the next stage.

3. Managers Summarize Feedback 

Once you've ended the review cycle, managers receive a notification prompting them to view the responses/packets of their directs reports. 

The manager will also receive a notification on their You page prompting them to "Finalize your report's review packets." 

The manager will click into the task and see the review packets of their direct reports. They'll be prompted to submit final scores (if they've been turned on) or final summary remarks. 

This might be a good time for managers and direct reports to meet and discuss the review packet contents. If the manager wants to write draft summary remarks and download the Employee view PDF, they can do so here *without* sharing the packet.

When a manager decides it's time to share the packet with their direct report, the direct report will receive a notification to view their responses.

They'll also see a task on their you page. 

Clicking into this task will bring them to a e-confirm page. 

When the direct report opens and e-confirms, managers will receive a notification informing them that their direct report opened it.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. For more information on what notifications can be sent, refer to the table below! 

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