Once you have navigated to the Notification Center, there are few options for how notifications can be sent when it comes to our Updates tool— through Slack/Microsoft Teams and/or through Email. 

Updates notifications are sent as follows:

  • When Updates are first enabled
  • When your direct reports submit Updates
  • When your Updates have been reviewed by your Manager
  • When you haven't submitted an Update within the set frequency
  • When you receive a comment on an Update

To send these through Slack/Microsoft Teams or email, you can check on the boxes to the right of "Updates", as shown below.

Note: Slack notifications are sent via the Lattice App and Lattice's Microsoft Teams App will appear on your Microsoft Teams apps

Enabling Updates

Once the manager enables Updates for their employees, the employee will receive the following notification:

Notification in Slack:

Notification in Microsoft Teams:

Direct Report Submitted an Update

Once the Update has been submitted by the employee, the manager will receive a notification with a link to it. 

Update Has Been Reviewed by a Manager

Reports will receive a notification letting them know that their manager reviewed their update. 

Update Reminders

Employees will receive a reminder through Lattice to complete their update. The specific day and time the update reminder notification is sent out, can be configured by either the employee's manager or the company administrator. To learn more about how to customize the day and time an update is sent out, check out this article here!

Note: Update reminder notifications will only go out to the employee if they have not submitted an update by the day the notification is set to go out. For example, if the notifications are set for Fridays, but an update is submitted before Friday, then the user will not receive the reminder notification.  

Receiving a Comment on an Update

If the employee and/or manager comment back and forth on the Update, then the following notification will be sent to the relevant recipient:

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