You can easily add a reviewer of any type - manager, peer, or direct report - mid review cycle. 

To add someone as a reviewer: 

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" Panel found in the top navigation bar
Step 2: Click "Reviews" found in the left Administration Panel
Step 3: Find the cycle in question
Step 4: Click on "Reviewees" within that cycle
Step 5: Find the person you want to add a reviewer for
Step 6: To the right of the list of names, click "Edit"
Step 7: Add the reviewer

Please note: you can add additional managers, direct reports, and/or peer reviewers. The new reviewer will be sent the appropriate template.

To add an additional peer reviewer:

To add an additional peer reviewer, the process is similar to the steps listed above. Just make sure you are adding your reviewer in the correct section (i.e. peer, manager).

To add an additional manager reviewer:

The late reviewer will get the following email notification inviting them into the system to begin the review:

If you do not want the late reviewer getting an email notification when they are added, you can always "uncheck" the email notification box before you click the "Enter" key to add that user.

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