Continuous feedback is an essential element of any healthy & productive work environment, but often we don't contribute to the feedback loop primarily because of logistics. Luckily, the Lattice feedback feature makes it super easy to give, receive and store feedback for future reference.

Getting Started:

  1. Toggle to "You" & locate the "give feedback" icon.

2. Under feedback you will have the choice to Give Feedback, Request Feedback or leave a Note to Self. 

3. Start typing the name of the recipient in the "who are you giving feedback to?" and the field will auto-populate. (Note, You can select up to six people to give public feedback to at one time).

To give feedback: 

  1. After selecting the recipient(s), write your feedback message in the "What's your feedback on" text box.
  2. If your admin has set up company values, you can associate a value to the feedback before submitting the feedback.
  3. Choose your share settings - manager only (feedback is private and will go directly to an employee's manager), public (feedback is visible to everyone), private (feedback is visible to only the recipient), or private + manager (feedback is only visible to the recipient and their manager)

Note: Private and Private + Manager feedback must be enabled by the admin in the Feedback "Settings"

To Request Feedback:

  1. Click on the "Feedback" button located in your "You" panel
  2. Click on the option "Request feedback from" 
  3. Type the name of the individual in which you want to ask for feedback and who this feedback is about

Note: if you are a manager, this feedback can only be requested about yourself or someone that is your direct report. Also, be sure to double check the visibility type of your request. It can't be changed afterwards.

  1. Write your feedback request message in the "What do you want feedback on?" text box, adjust the privacy settings of this requested feedback to your preference (private + manager or manager only), and hit request feedback.
  2.  The request will appear in the recipient's Lattice "Task" feed & an email notification will be sent. Note, the recipient can only respond to your request privately - but the feedback will live in Lattice.

To Leave a Note to Self:

  1. Click on the feedback button located in the "You" panel and select the "Give feedback" option
  2. Start typing the name of the recipient in the "who is the note about?" and the field will auto-populate.
  3. Write your feedback request message in the "What do you want to remember for later?" text box & save note. Note, only you will be able to see this note & it will live in your Lattice account. 
  4. [Bonus points] The more notes you can make about your teammates, the easier & more well rounded review you can give later. 

You can also give feedback to specific employees via "people" within "Company

Once you click on the feedback icon next to an employee, the Feedback tool will function the same - except the employee's name will be pre-populated (you can edit this). 

Helpful Hints:

  • When giving positive feedback, try to be as specific as possible with references to actions. For example, instead of saying "Great job this week!", try adding more color "Great job this week! I was very impressed with your organization & leadership skills as you onboarded our new hire Angela." 
  • When giving constructive feedback, try to frame as an actionable item rather than a direct criticism (and make sure to explain why the feedback is important). For example, "Overall, I thought you did a good job on the X Client meeting this morning. I did notice that your slides were not loaded before the meeting - next time, please make sure everything is set up before to save time. Thanks!"
  • Any feedback that you give or receive will be recorded in your Lattice feed under Feedback which will come in super handy when it's time to complete the review the cycle.
  • Does your organization use Slack or Gmail? Good news, you can give feedback directly through our integrations!
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