Plugin Installation Steps

Step 1) Log in to Lattice.
Step 2) Download Chrome Extension for Gmail (here).
Step 3) Click into any email thread which involves an active Lattice user(s).
Step 4) On the right side of your Gmail inbox, you will see the Lattice plugin - you are all set!

Viewing Employee Goals via the Gmail Plugin:

  1. Once the plugin is installed and you are in an email thread, participating team members public Goals will appear in the Gmail plugin. 
  2. To view their goals, click the name of the participating team member, and their active public goal swill appear under the "Give Feedback" button and "Write a note-to-self" button
  3. If the team member does not have public goals in Lattice, nothing will appear

Some Friendly Reminders:

  • You must be signed into Lattice to view goals.
  • Your team member must be an active Lattice user for you to view their goals.
  • If you are having issues, try logging in and out of both Lattice and your Gmail once everything is setup.

What's Next?

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