To get started, managers must enable 1:1s for their direct reports. 

To do this, a manager will navigate to the "Your team" page, find the direct report they would like to set up 1:1s for, and then click on the ellipsis next to their room. From the drop-down menu, select "Turn on 1:1s"

The manager will then have to manually set a date and time that they plan to meet with their direct report.

Once you have set the date and time you'd like, click "Save settings," and 1:1s will be turned on for that direct report. 

To start filling out an agenda, click on "Review 1:1s" and you will be prompted to start adding agenda items to the Next 1:1. Your employee will also be able to add agenda items. 

To add agenda items, type in an agenda item and press "enter (return)."

Two hours before the 1:1 meeting, both the manager and the direct report will get an email outlining what's on the agenda, so they can prepare for the meeting. 

After the meeting concludes, the manager will receive an email asking them to check off which items were discussed, push items that weren't covered to the next meeting, and record any notes. 

Notes can be left as both public and private. Public notes can be seen by your direct report and admin. Private notes can just be seen by the manager.

You will be able to leave notes in your 1:1 up until the time that you mark is as reviewed. Employees can also leave private notes in the 1:1 up until the point that you mark it as reviewed.

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