If you use BambooHR as your HRIS, you can easily set up your organization in Lattice through our integration. To sync your Lattice account with BambooHR, you must be an admin in both Lattice and BambooHR

What employee information will come over to Lattice from Bamboo? If synced, Lattice will pull the following information from Bamboo:

  • Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Start Date
  • Gender (not public to employees)
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Birthdate (not public to employees)

Getting Started

Go to the Integrations section on the Admin Panel:

Click on the "BambooHR" button. You'll then be prompted to enter your BambooHR subdomain. Your BambooHR subdomain can be found in the first part of the URL that you use to access your BambooHR account. For example, if your Bamboo URL was microsoft.bamboohr.com, then you'd enter microsoft in the field below. You'll also be asked to put in whether or not you use BambooHR for the US or for the UK. 

Select the types of employees that you want to pull in to Lattice from Bamboo. This corresponds to the Pay Type field on BambooHR.

To bring employees into Lattice, you must have the Pay Types set up in the "Compensation" section on the employees BambooHR profile.

Here is how pay types in Bamboo correspond to employment types in Lattice:

Clicking connect will take you through a login flow for Bamboo if you're not already logged in. Login, and then your sync will begin. 

Lattice will create a user for each user fitting the criteria you selected and set their name, title, email, and manager. Once you're ready, invite them by going to Admin -> People -> Created -> Invite All Users.  This will email the team for the first time and can also be used as a nudge to resend invites if employees are slow to accept. 

Today, BambooHR has the option to...

  • Auto-sync your employees nightly (this will happen at 12am PST)
  • Sync manually by clicking the blue "Sync" button

Even if you chose to auto-sync nightly, you will always have the option to manually sync during the day if needed. Please note that changes will take effect in Lattice on the effective date of the change in Bamboo.

The BambooHR Import Log

If you want to confirm that your BambooHR integration has synced successfully, you can check in the integration log. Here's how you access your integration log:

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin" panel

Step 2: Under "People" on the left hand side, click into "Import Log"

From here, you can view what synced successfully, and what needs to be troubleshooted.  You can view what occurred within Lattice by looking at the "Description" column. There are three statuses in the import log:

The green check mark indicates that BambooHR synced successfully with Lattice. 

The orange exclamation point indicates that the BambooHR sync was successful, but not all data was pulled over. 

The red "X" indicates that the BambooHR sync failed. 

If you want to view each status in more detail, click directly into event that you would like to view. 

From here, you will have more of a high level overview into what updated or what failed to update within your BambooHR sync. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Is it possible to sync only a certain subset of employees into Lattice via the Bamboo HR sync? For example, only certain locations.
A: You are able to control which employees sync into Lattice by selecting only certain Pay Types in Bamboo HR. To specify which employees are synced, make sure employees Pay Types are updated in Bamboo HR.

Need a demo of BambooHR? Go here.

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