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In Lattice, Admins have the ability to monitor company, department, and individual goals through the admin panel.

Under  "Admin" in the navigation bar, Admins can visit the "Goals" administration page from the side navigation.

Here, there are 5 tabs which can be used to oversee and manage company settings in regards to this feature: Explore, Reporting, Goal cycles, Tags and Settings. 


The Explore page displays a complete list of your company's goals. To learn more about this page, click here


The Reporting page displays a handful of metrics on your company's goals. For more information on this page, click here

Goal Cycles

The Goal Cycles page allows you to create and manage goal cycles. For information on how to create a goal cycle, click here. If you are interested in understanding how to manage goal cycles, click here


The Tags page allows you to create, edit and delete goal tags. To learn about goal tags and how to use them, click here


Finally, on the Settings page, Admins have the ability to configure various goal settings. From this page you are able to rename the goals tool, for more information on how to do so, click here.  

Admins can also choose if employees can create both public and private goals. If they want to allow the creation of both public and private goals, admins can set the "Default Goal Visibility." 

Admins can also set how often employees will be sent reminder emails to update their goals by selecting an option from the dropdown menu.

Goal reminders are sent out at the cadence of your choosing on Thursdays at 20:00 UTC.

Turning Goal Cascading on 

If your organization is looking to align Goals within Lattice, you can turn this functionality on from the Settings as well. To learn more about cascading Goals and how to enable this setting, click here!  

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