At Lattice, we know that everyone sets up their review cycles differently. Before you dive into configuring your review cycle in the product, take a couple of minutes to answer the questions below. Once you know how you want your review cycle to run, setting it up in Lattice will be a breeze.


  • Who will be reviewed in the review cycle? These will be the people receiving a review packet at the end of the cycle.
  • Will all individuals being reviewed be reviewed using the same template? 


  • Who will be reviewing the individuals that you selected above? Will employees review themself? Will employees review their managers? Will employees be review their peers? Will employees be reviewed by their manager?
  • For peer reviews, who will be selecting the peers?
  • Would you like to set a maximum limit of individuals that people can choose to review them? Note - this will not stop one person from being chosen more than the maximum, this just sets limits for how many people one person can choose to review them.
  • In your process today, what is the general timeline and process you have for writing reviews? 
  • A final summary gives the manager the ability to summarize any last thoughts or take notes during the meeting where they share feedback with the employee. Do you have a preference on how you would like managers to use this (if at all)?
  • Today, do your managers have visibility into self-reviews and/or peer reviews while they are writing their manager review? If no, would you like them to? If yes, do managers wait for all reviews to be completed before submitting their own?


  • Do you do any internal scoring today for employees?
  • Do employees have visibility into those scores?
  • Do you have meetings with managers to calibrate on those scores?


  • What level of visibility would you like employees to have when they receive their review packet from their manager? (Should employees see all reviews with names attached, should they see their scores, etc.)


  • Would you like Lattice to automatically run through each phase of the review cycle on it's own?
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