At Lattice, we realize that not all managers score their employees in the same way. In order to help the Admin make sure that all employees are rated in a consistent manner, we have built a tool for scoring calibration.

What is calibration?

Calibration helps ensure that employees being reviewed are all evaluated together, on the same scale.

How do I turn it on in Lattice?

When enabling scored attributes you have the ability to enable calibration for the review cycle. While creating a review cycle: 

Click on the tab labeled "Scores" and check the box under "Calibration"

How do I calibrate scores in Lattice?

Step 1: Close the review cycle to kick off the calibration process
To do this, navigate to the "Admin" panel, click on "Reviews," and then "End review and calibrate."

Step 2: Download a CSV of the manager-completed scored attributes 

Step 3: Upload a CSV with the new calibrated scores

Viewing Calibrated Scores in Lattice

Once calibrated scores have been uploaded, under the manger and department scores you will be able see the changes vs. the company average.

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