As you create review templates, you may want to add additional instructions to clarify how you would like these questions to be answered by reviewers. 

What Instructions Should I Add? 

This is a great spot to put the timeline of the review cycle! Also, to explain (for that review direction) what the guidelines are for answering that template. If the questions have a rating scale, you may also want to break down examples for the rating scale at the top (for example, specific examples of what demonstrates a “3” vs a “4”).

How to Add Instructions (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: After naming your template, click "Add instructions for reviewers"

This will open up a text box, where you can add this information.

Step 2: Write your instructions in the text box

If you have any questions in regards to creating or editing review templates, you can check out all of our help center articles here

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